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Upholstery & Installation for Offices & Institutions

Upholstery is the work of providing furniture with the goal of sustainable yet endless comfort for items in need of rework. If your furniture is recovered, you're replacing the old fabric cover with a new one. If you decide to re-upholster your existing pieces, the fabric, stuffing and springs will be removed, and your furniture then rebuilt from the frame up (if needed). From vintages sofas to contemporary office furniture, we create timeless and comfortable furniture that looks like new. Our quality service has been rated best from the leading resorts and institutions surrounding the triad. Altogether, our pride in the amount of thought and execution that goes into our upholstered products are one of a kind, due to the small-scale details to make our projects as close as possible to perfect!


Custom Design Services

Looking for a unique design to match your business setup? Our custom design services are our bread and butter.


Upholstery Repair

Extend or repair the life expectancy of your industrial furniture with quality professional upholstery.


Cubicle Installation

We install quality B2B industrial equipment from desks, file cabinets, and chairs, to small office spaces such as cubicles.

Benefits of Commerical Upholstery

One of the best benefits of proficient upholstery cleaning is that your upholstery cleaning services will offer assistance to expand the life expectancy of your furniture. Upholstering is available in different types of styles and varieties, giving you the option to choose a style that fits your home, work place, and college facilities. Reupholstering your older, sturdier furniture can result in sparing you cash within the long run; reupholster once, and you won’t have to replace the furniture until you’re prepared for another texture to alter years later!

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