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About Us

SFI-LLC was established in 2012 by Wendall Smith Sr, an expert in the furniture industry for over 35 years. We are known throughout the regional business community for providing excellent customer service and high-quality products. SFI is a premier furniture reupholstery and installation company dedicated to transforming worn-out and outdated furniture into stunning, revitalized pieces. Our mission is to provide job training in furniture manufacturing, customer service, sales, and office furniture installation to a new generation. 

Wendall Smith Jr joined the company in 2020 as a Gen-Z. He brings insight and guidance into our efforts of connecting with his peers. We are excited about the unlimited opportunities in the future and remain dedicated to doing our part to reduce waste and to aim for a better environment by refurbishing existing furniture in a cost efficient way!

Our Passion for Quality

As a leader in the industry, we have been committed to producing quality upholstery services to the North Carolina area for over 8 years. Exceptional quality is our foundation, as well as the driving force for our critical decisions made to do the job right. We’re devoted to providing a variety of companies and individuals with valued products and innovations. 

Mr. Smith reassures that our quality, customer service, along with our time of delivery is above average. We breathe new life into your cherished pieces that stands the test of time. We are committed to total customer satisfaction! 

Meet the Owner


Wendall Smith

Owner, Sandnetta Furniture & Installation LLC

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